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"$schema": "../node_modules/@angular-devkit/schematics/collection-schema.json",
"schematics": {
"bootstrap-project": {
"description": "Main entry point for the schematic. Calls additional schematics and coordinates their operation",
"factory": "./my-awesome-schematic/index#myAwesomeSchematic",
"schema": "./my-awesome-schematic/schema.json"
"add-dependencies": {
"description": "Install dependencies for the setup process",
"private": true,
"factory": "./add-dependencies/index",
"schema": "./add-dependencies/schema.json"
"add-files": {
"description": "Performs additional setup actions for configuring the project.",
"private": true,
"factory": "./add-files/index",
"schema": "./add-files/schema.json"
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