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Starts a process hidden, inheriting permissions.
from import shell
import os
fileDir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + "\\start.bat"
a = shell.ShellExecuteEx(
# "runas" is also nice, to request admin rights before starting. See MSDN docs on ShellExecuteEx for details.
lpVerb = "open",
# Right now it just launches a batch file in the same folder as the .py file, but if you want to customize, this is probably the droid you're looking for.
lpFile = fileDir,
# Change the following to change the behaviour of the opened window. E.g. OPEN_HIDEN will run the process invisibly, while OPEN_NORMAL will just show the window. See the MSDN docs on ShellExecuteEx for details.
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