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def handle_transaction(tx):
# if(tx[u'to'] == KITTY_AUCTION):
# kitty_frontrun(tx)
if (tx[u'to'] == KITTY_CORE_CONTRACT):
def kitty_instabid(tx):
if (get_tx_method(tx) == CREATE_SALE_AUCTION):
generation, cooldown, price = get_kitty_params(tx)
gas_price = int(tx[u'gasPrice'], 16)
is_good_deal = price < calculateThresholdPrice(generation, cooldown)
if (is_good_deal):
try_buy_kitty(..., gas_price=gas_price) # buy in same block
try_buy_kitty(..., gas_price=200 gwei) # buy in next block
while True:
tx = nextPendingTX()
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