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Some guidelines for doing a code review

Here are some general guidelines to consider when reviewing a pull request:

  • Is the code covered by tests? *
  • Are there any tests cases that are missing? *
    • Unit tests - for any model changes *
    • Acceptance tests - ???infrastructure needed
    • Integration tests - for any front end behavior change *
    • Black box testing? infrastructure needed
    • Controller tests - for any controller changes *
  • Rake / release tasks - manually run them? *
    • Make sure they’re extracted into a class and tested *
  • Breaking the rules - you need to convince your pair and the code reviewers. *
  • Did the CI build pass? *
  • Does the code have a neutral or positive impact on code metrics? *
    • Or if the impact is negative is it justified?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding the security implications of the PR? *
  • Does it solve the right problem? *
    • If you're not sure, read the ticket. There is a ticket, right?
  • Does the code conform to our style guide? *
  • Are there any glaring errors or omissions? *
    • is there a missing path through the code
    • do we have an if with no else
    • Are we handling any nils that could come in
    • Are we throwing exceptions away
    • Are there any syntax errors
    • Is there a misspelled word
    • Did something get subtracted when it should have been added
    • Are we using a float when we should be using a int
    • Are there magic numbers in the code
    • Did protected keyword get use correctly
    • Are their private methods in the public interface
    • Is there a comment that should be code
  • Is the code well factored? *
  • Is it code you are going to want to maintain? *
  • Does the code run locally? *
  • Why are so many people willing to put a thumbs up, but not willing to merge?
    • Merges should be done by the pair that picks up the ticket.
  • If you think it’ll take less than 10 minutes to make a needed change then do it yourself as part of code review
  • If you think it takes more than 10 minutes move it to in progress and fix it yourself
    • So it will go through code review again after that
  • The pair doing the code review makes the final decision or we have a team meeting about it *

Keep in mind that it's OK if someone didn't solve the problem the same exact way you would have done it.


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@booch booch commented Oct 31, 2014

These were some ideas we brainstormed during a retrospective on what to add to a code review checklist. The items with an asterisk at the end are what the team agreed upon.

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