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Bob bopjesvla

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tar -xf emacs-25.3.tar.xz
mkdir -p ~/installs
cd emacs-25.3
./configure --prefix=~$HOME/installs/emacs --bindir ~$HOME/installs/bin --with-xpm=no --with-gif=no --with-tiff=no
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<!DOCTYPE html>
if (!window.fetch) document.write("<script src=" + Math.random() + ".js><\/script>")
bopjesvla /
Created Apr 1, 2017
asking bw for advice

I broke something and my mom can't know what and I forgot what. So I say: "I didn't break anything, mom." But my mom isn't buying it. She looks at me with piercing eyes and says: "What did you break, Bob?" I don't respond. She says, "I'll find out anyway." I look up and down again. She says, "The later I find out, the harsher the punishment." So I cave in and say, "I don't know." "What?" "I don't know what I broke." She presses her eyes shut with her fingers. With a silly, high-pitched voice that sometimes lightens her mood I say, "I dunno," but now she's pressing even harder.

What do I do?

import numpy as np
from scipy.spatial.distance import pdist
from scipy.linalg import pinv
def rbf_train(K, X, T):
# input:
# M x N training samples X
# 1 x N target outputs T
# output:
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{"question": 0, "progress": 1},
{"question": 1, "progress": 3},
{"question": 5, "progress":4},
{"question":2, "progress":5},
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var country_list = ["AF","AX","AL","DZ","AS","AD","AO","AI","AQ","AG","AR","AM","AW","AU","AT","AZ","BS","BH","BD","BB","BY","BE","BZ","BJ","BM","BT","BO","BQ","BA","BW","BV","BR","IO","BN","BG","BF","BI","KH","CM","CA","CV","KY","CF","TD","CL","CN","CX","CC","CO","KM","CG","CD","CK","CR","CI","HR","CU","CW","CY","CZ","DK","DJ","DM","DO","EC","EG","SV","GQ","ER","EE","ET","FK","FO","FJ","FI","FR","GF","PF","TF","GA","GM","GE","DE","GH","GI","GR","GL","GD","GP","GU","GT","GG","GN","GW","GY","HT","HM","VA","HN","HK","HU","IS","IN","ID","IR","IQ","IE","IM","IL","IT","JM","JP","JE","JO","KZ","KE","KI","KP","KR","KW","KG","LA","LV","LB","LS","LR","LY","LI","LT","LU","MO","MK","MG","MW","MY","MV","ML","MT","MH","MQ","MR","MU","YT","MX","FM","MD","MC","MN","ME","MS","MA","MZ","MM","NA","NR","NP","NL","NC","NZ","NI","NE","NG","NU","NF","MP","NO","OM","PK","PW","PS","PA","PG","PY","PE","PH","PN","PL","PT","PR","QA","RE","RO","RU","RW","BL","SH","KN","LC","MF","PM","VC","WS","SM","ST","SA","SN","RS","SC","SL","SG","SX"
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"use strict"
var usage = "sjs -l ./coffeetable.js ./examplescript.js"
var indentToBraces = (chr, reader, prevTokens) => {
var punc = reader.readPunctuator();
// record the whitespace at the start of the current line
var indentFinder = /\s*/g;
var i = indentFinder.lastIndex = reader.lineStart;
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