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Creates MTG deck
import re
CARDLIST = open('deck','r')
opens a text file with a list of cards and quantities formatted as such:
raw_deck = [] ##this list will hold the raw quantity/card name data eg: 22 ISLAND
deck = [] ##this will be the finalized version of the deck with 47 instances of ornithopter
for i in CARDLIST: ##append quantity/cardname to raw deck sans newline characters
def find_card_quantity(raw_deck,deck,card): ##function that separates quantity from card name[\d]+)\s([\w\s]+),raw_deck) ##and appends that to the deck list
card_quantity =
card_name =
for i in card_quantity:
for card in raw_deck: ##cycles through raw_deck, cleaning up the format
find_card_quantity(raw_deck,deck,card) ##and adding the correct quantities to the finished deck
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