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gf=git fetch $*
gs=git status $*
gst=git stash $*
gp=git pull $*
gc=git checkout $*
gps=git push $*
gcm=git checkout master $*
grh=git reset --hard $*
gnb=git checkout -b $*
gpsf=git push --force $*
rebase=git pull --rebase origin master $*
clone=git clone $*
squash=git rebase -i HEAD~$*
gdab=git branch | grep -v "master" | xargs git branch -D
del=RMDIR /S/Q $* && echo "Deleted Successfully!!!"
y=yarn $*
yi=yarn install $*
ys=yarn start $*
yl=yarn lint $*
yt=yarn test $*
ytw=yarn test --watch $*
yad=yarn add $* && yarn yarn-deduplicate yarn.lock
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