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[Joomla!] GSoC 2018: CLI Update Project

Work Description

The goal of my project is to add commands to Joomla! that enables updates to be performed via the CLI. The CLI Update is meant to introduce a faster way to perform some of the administrative operations through the command line.

The initial project repository was here for development and after finishing it was merged into a single pull request and moved here to the official Joomla! Repository for a community wide review and Testing.

All pull request and commits during the initial development can be seen here as well.

The only pull request after merging all pull requests in to one and moving to the official repository can be seen here as well.

What has been done

Added Commands for:

  • Checking Joomla! updates
  • Installing extension
  • Removing extension
  • Listing extensions with type specification
  • Updating Joomla! core
  • Installing Joomla! from config file and in an interactive CLI mode
  • Setting Configurations with setting multiple Configuration support
  • Listing Configurations (includes listing configurations as a group)
  • Setting website to offline
  • Bringing website online

What is left (ToDo)

Everything planned in the proposal has been achieved, the only things left is testing by the community so it can be merged into the Joomla! core as a whole.

Documentation and Resources

  • JDocs (Joomla! Documentation) I wrote for this Project is here, It explains everything on how to use the commands
  • Initial pull requests are here
  • First Blog Post about the community bonding is here
  • Second blog post about the project is here

What's next?

Joomla! has won a contributor 🤗 - I will be sticking around the project until it's well tested by the community and merged into the Joomla! core, I can't wait to see it in Joomla! 4 Release 😉.

The CLI Update can still have more commands based on the needs, I will be happy to see developers contribute to adding more commands as the need arises.

A video demonstration on how the commands can be added can be seen here

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