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Powershell functions to load VS2015 VCVARS in Powershell (you may want to add it to you powsershell profile)
function Invoke-BatchFile
param([string]$Path, [string]$Parameters)
$tempFile = [IO.Path]::GetTempFileName()
## Store the output of cmd.exe. We also ask cmd.exe to output
## the environment table after the batch file completes
cmd.exe /c " `"$Path`" $Parameters && set > `"$tempFile`" "
## Go through the environment variables in the temp file.
## For each of them, set the variable in our local environment.
Get-Content $tempFile | Foreach-Object {
if ($_ -match "^(.*?)=(.*)$")
Set-Content "env:\$($matches[1])" $matches[2]
Remove-Item $tempFile
function Import-VS2015Vars
Invoke-BatchFile "${env:VS140COMNTOOLS}vsvars32.bat" $vcargs
#VCVARS invoke in VS2012 are silent...
Write-Host "VS2015 vcvars loaded..."
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