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Pierre Bertet bpierre

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This fabric file makes setting up and deploying a django application much
easier, but it does make a few assumptions. Namely that you're using Git,
Apache and mod_wsgi and your using Debian or Ubuntu. Also you should have
Django installed on your local machine and SSH installed on both the local
machine and any servers you want to deploy to.
_note that I've used the name project_name throughout this example. Replace
this with whatever your project is called._
bebraw /
Created Jan 6, 2011
List of JS game engines. You can find a wikified version at Feel free to modify that. I sync it here every once in a while.

IMPORTANT! Remember to check out the wiki page at for the most up to date version. There's also a "notes" column in the table but it simply does not fit there... Check out the raw version to see it.

This table contains primarily HTML5 based game engines and frameworks. You might also want to check out the [[Feature Matrix|Game-Engine-Feature-Matrix]], [[Game Resources]] and [[Scene Graphs]].

Name Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Repository Notes
Akihabara 453 GPL2, MIT Classic Repro no API github Intended for making classic arcade-style games in JS+HTML5
AllBinary Platform Platform Dependent AllBinary 2D/2.5D/3D n
mrdoob / gist:845802
Created Feb 27, 2011
video to looped animated gif
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ffmpeg -i out.ogv -s 160x128 -pix_fmt rgb24 -ss 62.6 -t 3 -r 5 -loop 0 -f gif out.gif
convert -loop 0 -layers Optimize out.gif outopt.gif
brendo /
Created Apr 4, 2011
Symphony Events: A Detailed Look

Forms have been an integral part of any interactive site since the dawn of time, they promote interactivity and are usually the most common way users interact with a site. It's commonplace that when a form is submitted, the website will take 'action' and do something with the data and then provide a user with the result. Symphony provides this logic layer via Events.

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how Events work in Symphony (if not, this may be a good introduction) and are semi comfortable writing some PHP code. I'll be showing you some of the lesser known features of Symphony Events, including event priority, event chaining and a brief demonstration of how to write a custom Event. The difficulty level progresses as we go through, but with any luck you'll be able to learn a thing or two :)

Getting Started

The Scenario

Our client requires a form that allows a user to submit some details about their new car purchase. Th

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var ctx = modul.context;
function skin_Default() {
// Here is a trick to random the modul's color:
ctx.fillStyle="rgba(" + Math.floor( Math.random() * 255) + "," + Math.floor( Math.random() * 255) + "," + Math.floor( Math.random() * 255) + ",1)";
ctx.fillRect(12,3, 4, 4);
substack / switch.js
Created Oct 4, 2011
regex fall-throughs using a switch(true), inspired by @AvianFlu
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substack : ~ $ node switch.js bleep blah
substack : ~ $ node switch.js for the lose
substack : ~ $ node switch.js for the win
substack : ~ $ node switch.js for the fail
substack : ~ $
bpierre / Makefile
Created Nov 5, 2011
A Makefile to concatenate / minify my JS Scripts and convert/compress my Stylus (CSS preprocessor) files
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# JS files
JS_FINAL = js/project-name-all.js
JS_TARGETS = js/file1.js \
js/file2.js \
# CSS files
CSS_FINAL = css/project-name-all.css
STYLUS_TARGETS = css/file1.styl \

CSS Wishlist

Pseudo elements

  • Allow them to be animated (already works in Firefox, soon also in WebKit).
  • Allow more than 2 pseudo elements. Maybe we don't need it if Web Components will come.

Pseudo selectors

  • Once an element has display: none, it shouldn’t affect first/last-child and other pseudo selectors. Or maybe it makes sense to add something like display: removed. It would behave like when that element is removed from the DOM aka make pseudo selectors ignore them. Use case: When you temporarly wanna remove items in a list, see demo, but keep the design intact.


gre / easing.js
Last active May 5, 2021
Simple Easing Functions in Javascript - see
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* Easing Functions - inspired from
* only considering the t value for the range [0, 1] => [0, 1]
EasingFunctions = {
// no easing, no acceleration
linear: t => t,
// accelerating from zero velocity
easeInQuad: t => t*t,
// decelerating to zero velocity
davejamesmiller /
Last active Apr 19, 2021
Bash General-Purpose Yes/No Prompt Function ("ask")

This is a general-purpose function to ask Yes/No questions in Bash, either with or without a default answer. It keeps repeating the question until it gets a valid answer.