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ol3 Roadmap

Openlayers 3 Roadmap


Long terms goal and motivations are described in a
post in the openlayers blog. This document defines the first milestone of this first phase and gives insights about the next steps. As an open source project, ol3 will hopefully attract people who want to take part to the development and might have their own agenda. The road map may be extended accordingly.


In the first phase of development, the main goals are:

  • Build an architecture that support the long term goals (API, WebGL, ...)
  • Validate the architecture with example use cases
  • Port existing OL2 features to this new architecture

First Alpha Release (mid April)

The first alpha release is planned for middle of April. Its main goal is to validate the architecture and enable people to play with the library, test it and provide feedback.

The main features are:

  • Animation Framework
  • Animated Zooming
  • Kinetic Panning
  • Camera
  • Tile Queue
  • WMS / WMTS capabilities parsing
  • WMTS
  • KML parser
  • GeoJSON parser
  • Single Image WMS
  • Vector Architecture
  • Points, lines, polygons with Canvas2D
  • Points (many) with WebGL
  • Control Architecture
  • Set of Controls (scale line, zoom slider, touch navigation, geo location, ...)
  • Data Source/Layer Architecture

Next Steps

Next release dates are not strictly planned, but the goal is to have at least one release every month (or more often, like every two weeks). Each release will add a mix of features existing in ol2 (data format, protocols, controls, extended support, ...), enhancements (close bugs, enhance API, ...) and new features (for example, WebGL related like limited tilting, cesium integration, ... ).

A (not exhaustive) list of the strategic features that will be part of the next releases:

  • Port ol2 protocols
  • Port ol2 data format
  • Port ol2 functionalities
  • WebGL efficient vector data handling and rendering
  • Enhance documentation (how-to, getting start, API doc)
  • Integration with external libraries
  • Provide a way to build ol3 extensions
  • Build a new appealing web site
  • ...

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stolentomato commented Mar 15, 2014

"First Alpha Release (mid April)"

Of what year, please?


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tarkdemna commented May 29, 2014

According to the "Last active a year ago" mention that would mean that this is April 2013.

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