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Sequelize Postgres Migration update constraint helper for changing the value of onUpdate and onDelete.
const constraintOpts = {
onDelete: 'NO ACTION',
onUpdate: 'NO ACTION'
* updateConstraint
* @param {QueryInterface} queryInterface - sequelize queryInterface proviced in up/down methods of migrations
* @param {SequelizeModel} model - base sequelize model where the foreign key exists
* @param {String} fkey - foreign key field name (ex: userId)
* @param {SequelizeModel} referenced - The sequelize model that the foreign key references
* @param {Object} options - The onDelete/onUpdate values. defaults: NO ACTION. Accepts: 'CASCADE', "SET NULL", etc
export function updateConstaint(queryInterface, model, fkey, referenced, options = constraintOpts) {
const constraint = `"${model.getTableName()}_${fkey}_fkey"`;
return queryInterface.sequelize.query(`
ALTER TABLE "${model.getTableName()}"
DROP CONSTRAINT ${constraint},
ADD CONSTRAINT ${constraint}
FOREIGN KEY ("${fkey}")
REFERENCES "${referenced.getTableName()}"(id)
ON UPDATE ${options.onUpdate} ON DELETE ${options.onDelete};
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