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Django queryset understanding confirmation
#$ cat myapp/
#from django.db import models
#class Foo(models.Model):
# pass
#class Bar(models.Model):
# foos = models.ManyToManyField(Foo, related_name="bars")
# val_a = models.BooleanField()
# val_b = models.BooleanField()
# Ensure we're working on an empty set
# Create two Foo objects
fooA = Foo()
fooB = Foo()
# Create Bar objects with alternating values
bar_01 = Bar(val_a=False, val_b=True)
bar_10 = Bar(val_a=True, val_b=False)
bar_11 = Bar(val_a=True, val_b=True)
# Join to foos and the bars
# Ensure sane joined filter results
queryset = Foo.objects.filter(bars__val_a=True, bars__val_b=True)
assert fooA not in queryset
assert fooB in queryset
# Ensure sane separate filter results
queryset = Foo.objects.filter(bars__val_a=True).filter(bars__val_b=True)
assert fooA in queryset
assert fooB in queryset
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