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View OptHexRadixSort.m
+ (void)hexadecimalRadixSort2:(int[])input length:(int)l {
int max = [self findMax:input length:l];
int partiallySorted[l];
int i;
int powerOf16 = 0;
int bin[16];
while ((1 << (powerOf16 << 2)) < max) {
for (int i = 0; i < 16; i++) bin[i] = 0;
View ParamRadix.m
+ (void)paramRadixSort:(int*)input length:(int)l radix:(int)r {
int max = [self findMax:input length:l];
int partiallySorted[l];
int i;
int sigDig = 1;
int bin[r];
while (sigDig < max) {
for (int i = 0; i < r; i++) bin[i] = 0;
bradheintz / TestCrashSpikeTests.swift
Created Jul 29, 2015
Wanna see the Swift compiler segfault?
View TestCrashSpikeTests.swift
// TestCrashSpikeTests.swift
// TestCrashSpikeTests
// Created by Brad Heintz on 7/28/15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 Brad Heintz, but you can do any damn thing
// you please with this code.
import UIKit
bradheintz / gitbash
Created Aug 14, 2013
Show your git branch status (branch name, dirty state) in your bash prompt.
View gitbash
# __gitdir accepts 0 or 1 arguments (i.e., location)
# returns location of .git repo
__gitdir ()
if [ -z "${1-}" ]; then
if [ -n "${__git_dir-}" ]; then
echo "$__git_dir"
elif [ -d .git ]; then
echo .git
View gist:2662249
$ pod install HowAboutWeHD.xcodeproj --verbose
Updating spec repo `master'
/usr/local/bin/git pull
Already up-to-date.
Installing dependencies of: /Users/fitz/workspace/HowAboutWeHD/Podfile
Using A2DynamicDelegate (1.0.8)
Using BlocksKit (1.0.6)
Generating support files
* Generating xcconfig file at `/Users/fitz/workspace/HowAboutWeHD/Pods/Pods.xcconfig'
* Generating prefix header at `/Users/fitz/workspace/HowAboutWeHD/Pods/Pods-prefix.pch'
View gist:160763
<title>Date to Day Converter</title>
<p><b>Instructions:</b> Enter a date in MM/DD/YYYY format, get back a day number from 1 to 366.</p>
if (isset($_POST['fromdate'])) {
$dt = new DateTime($_POST['fromdate']);
echo $_POST['fromdate']." is ".(date_format($dt, 'z') + 1)."<br/>\n";
View gist:66627
# Inheritance Weirdness: I can get a couple of different errors, but no correct behavior out of the following code:
#!/usr/bin/env jruby -d
require 'java'
require '/Users/bradheintz/project/hadoop/current/lib/commons-logging-1.0.4.jar'
require '/Users/bradheintz/project/hadoop/current/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar'
require '/Users/bradheintz/project/hadoop/current/hadoop-0.18.1-core.jar'
class MyMapper < org.apache.hadoop.mapred.MapReduceBase
View gist:65552
at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(
at org.jruby.javasupport.JavaSupport.loadJavaClass(
at org.jruby.javasupport.JavaSupport.loadJavaClassVerbose(
at org.jruby.javasupport.JavaClass.forNameVerbose(
at org.jruby.javasupport.Java.getProxyOrPackageUnderPackage(
at org.jruby.javasupport.Java.get_proxy_or_package_under_package(
at org.jruby.javasupport.Java$JavaUtilities.get_proxy_or_package_under_package(
at org.jruby.javasupport.Java$JavaUtilities$s_method_2_0$RUBYINVOKER$$JavaUtilities$s_method_2_0$RUBYINVOKER$get_proxy_or_package_under_package.gen)
View gist:65549
#!/usr/bin/env jruby
require 'java'
require '/Users/bradheintz/project/hadoop/current/lib/commons-logging-1.0.4.jar'
import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory
require '/Users/bradheintz/project/hadoop/current/hadoop-0.18.1-core.jar'
import ''
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