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7MS Slack channel guide (

These are the Slack channels featured on the 7 Minute Security Slack channel:


A channel for the 7MS User's Group, which is slated to start monthly(ish) in January, 2019. Currently looking for interested sponsors, speakers and attendees!


Basically just a place to receive RSS notifications when the BPATTY project gets updated.


Trying to stop those pesky pentesters and other adversaries? Share your favorite defensive tools, tips, scripts and strategies!


Talk about career challenges, training, certification, job leads, coworkers who drive you batty...


A place to discuss hacking challenges (i.e. HackTheBox/Vulnhub/JuiceShop). Careful with spoilers please.


Talk about coding here! This channel also receives RSS notifications when the codenewb project ( is updated.


Chat about music, movies, etc! Post your fav tunes! Crowdsource writing original songs! Whatevs!


What better place to start than here?


Essentially a place to catch up on security news - the channel is subscribed to various security sites via RSS. A full list of those sites is available inside the channel in a shared file.


Talk about pentesting goodness - shells, payloads, AV evasion, phishing and whatever else your offensive security heart desires!

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