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Tweenager Cell Phone Contract

Below is the cell phone agreement I have with my kids. It was largely inspired by this contract which had some excellent ideas.

Tweenager Cell Phone Responsibilities

  • I understand that my cell phone is a privilege, not a right. Mom and dad can look at anything on my phone and take it away for any length of time and for any reason.

Quiet times

I will silence and put away or turn off my phone:

  • At 7:30 p.m. each night, and I will put the phone on the charger upstairs
  • When I get home from school - until homework is done and mom and dad have given the ok
  • When I’m in church (except for approved times)
  • At school (except for approved times)
  • Whenever else mom or dad ask me

Physical Safety

  • I understand that I am responsible for knowing where my phone is, and for keeping it in good condition
  • I will keep the case and screen protector on my phone at all times
  • If my phone is lost, I will be responsible for saving money and buying a replacement

Apps and Accounts

  • I will not download any apps without permission
  • I will not sign up for any online accounts without permission

Passcodes and Passwords

  • I will keep as lock code set on my phone at all times, which mom and dad will know
  • I will not share my phone lock code or any passwords with anyone except mom and dad

Sending messages, chats, texts, pictures and videos

  • I will not send threatening or mean texts to others
  • I will only send messages to people I know personally
  • I will not send personal information like my name, age, birthday, passwords or address
  • I will tell mom and dad immediately I get a call, email, text or message from someone I don’t know, or if I’m being bullied or harassed
  • I will not send embarrassing photos of myself, my family or friends to others.
  • I will not use my phone's camera to take embarrassing photos of others
  • I will never text or message private pictures of my body or anyone else.

Appropriate content

  • I will only visit age-appropriate Websites.
  • If I am looking at content that I wouldn’t show my mom and dad, pastor and grandparents, I will close/quit Web browsing immediately and talk to mom and dad about it.

Parent responsibilities

  • I understand that I will make myself available to answer any questions my tween might have about owning a cell phone and using it responsibly
  • I will support my child when he or she alerts me to an alarming message or text message that he or she has received
  • I will answer any questions my child has about content seen/heard on the phone







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@freeload101 freeload101 commented Apr 5, 2020

nice start I would also add something about using other peoples devices. Kid goes to friends house or is handed a phone from another person to practice safe whatever..we also said Parents need to LOCK there devices and NOT give unlock codes to kids!


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Owner Author

@braimee braimee commented Apr 7, 2020

Thanks good tip!

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