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Insert matplotlib charts as vector image to MS Word


MS Word 2016 do support svg. But they are rasterized when exporting to PDF currently. Here is a workaround.


  1. Export as svg

  2. Use inkscape to convert dash into paths

inkscape -g "your_file.svg" --verb=EditSelectAll \
    --verb=SelectionUnGroup --verb=SelectionUnGroup --verb=SelectionUnGroup --verb=SelectionUnGroup --verb=SelectionUnGroup --verb=SelectionUnGroup \
    --verb=com.vaxxine.filter.dashes --verb=FileSave --verb=FileQuit

Note: for complex charts, more SelectionUnGroup might be needed.

  1. Use inkscape to convert svg into EMF
inkscape "your_file.svg" --export-emf="your_file.emf"
  1. Import EMF as image in MS Word
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