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****** Number of unique edge labels per formalism ******
% for f in dm pas pcedt; { echo === $f; cat $f.sdp | grep -v '^#'|cut --complement -f1-6|tr '\t' '\n'|grep -Pv "^(_|)$" | dedup|wc -l }
=== dm
=== pas
=== pcedt
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package d;
import java.util.*;
import java.util.Map.Entry;
public class TermVector {
public Map<String,Double> map;
double totalCount = 0;
TermVector() {
map = new HashMap<>();
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Finding pension funds and other sources willing to invest is a high priority .
Does this corporation have a high-quality management team with a good track record ?
Rising inflation in Poland and Hungary makes Czechoslovak food , clothing and shoes relatively cheap for visitors from these countries .
Following is a weekly listing of unadited net asset values of publicly traded investment fund shares , reported by the companies as of Friday 's close .
According to veteran watchers of Unificationist affairs , such as Dr. J. Gordon Melton , director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion , almost all operations are being drastically reduced as Mr. Moon now concentrates more on developing his empire in the Far East .
Said Earl Ellis , a Jacobson partner who got involved in the UAL action , `` It all starts all over again '' today .
Noting the recent Food and Drug Administration approval of Interferon 's genital warts treatment , National Patent said it believes Interferon 's
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Call it disaster marketing .
Assume that a TV network is airing a celebrity interview program with a live audience .
Go with high-beta stocks to get the biggest payoff from a bet on a bull market .
Asked about his greatest achievement in public life , he first speaks about the quality of his staff .
Become a Lobbyist
HomeFed said most of the troubled assets are apartment complexes , shopping malls and other commercial real estate .
Elected to Congress as a `` Watergate baby '' in 1974 , he ran for governor three years later .
Did Mr. Freeman have notice of this ?
Consider this :
Welcome to the 28th Tokyo Motor Show .
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MD Could he plausibly interpret it as encouragement for the Fed to give primary emphasis to stabilizing the price level ?
MD Should they be required to pay claims based on exorbitant costs for labor and materials ?
MD Will Ogonyok begin a series of reports analyzing the failures of perestroika ?
MD Will he try to gain a seat on or control of the board and force a radical split of USX into separate oil and steel companies ?
MD Would n't the Japanese like a piece of it ?
VB CALL IT un-advertising .
VB Consider the fact that a mere 2 % drop in ozone would increase birth defects and mutations by allowing solar radiation to alter the DNA structure .
VB Consider the facts underlying the 1989 conviction of Robert Chestman .
VB Consider this :
VB Enter Mr. Guzman Cabrera , who has a clear understanding of where union leaders fit in the pro-enterprise regime of President Salinas .
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% R
R version 2.15.3 (2013-03-01) -- "Security Blanket"
> library(devtools)
> devtools::install_github("hadley/tidyr")
Installing github repo(s) hadley/tidyr/master from hadley
Installing hadley/ from
Error: client error: (404) Not Found
> library(help=devtools)
// Sample for Embedding C++ into R //
// I keep forgetting how to do this so here's an example.
// If you're willing to use R's most primitive FFI interface,
// things are incredibly simple and easy to get going.
// -Brendan O'Connor (
// Compile with, e.g. on mac:
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~ % cat bla
digraph A {
0 [label = "hello\\"]
~ % dot -Tpdf bla > out.pdf