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Created May 29, 2012 13:17
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Symphony 2.3.1 Release Notes

Symphony 2.3.1 Release Notes



  • #1517 - Remove the LIMIT clause on the Cache driver
  • #1480 - The querystring is now wrapped in CDATA tags
  • Update doc comments
  • Improve robustness in regular expression in ResourceManager
  • Fixed typo in HTMLpage->removeFromHead()

Release Candidate 3


  • #1421 - Fix breadcrumb filtering
  • Ensure that the file exists before determining where the error occurred in the ErrorHandler
  • More robust check for detecting HTTPS
  • Fix migration update logic which locked users out before they updated to RC2

Release Candidate 2


  • #1445 - Pages types are now available in the page params
  • #796 - Introduced Cryptography methods for improved password security


  • #1482 - Fix Core Email headers when sending emails to multiple recipients
  • #1476 - Log installer errors to manifest/logs/
  • #1453 - If a user attempts to access a part of the Symphony backend without being logged in, upon logging in they will be redirect to that page instead of their default area
  • #1449 - Only handle SymphonyErrorPage, instead of Exception for the missing extension logic
  • #1446 - Correct check for invalid recipient in the send-mail filter
  • #1444 - Correct .htaccess security regexp rules
  • #1432 - Expose the retrieve password link at all times on the Symphony login page. Update error messages to reflect what exactly is happening
  • Fix the @total-entries number in the pagination element for select box fields with the allow multiple option set
  • Various security fixes

Release Candidate 1


  • #1421 - Maintain entry filtering after a new entry is created


  • #1443 - Fix regression introduced in Beta 2 for adding filters to Events
  • #1439 - Remove old table-link code from the Extensions page, this has not been used in some time
  • #1436 - If an error occurs on the installer, an error message appears at the top of the page to inform the user
  • #1433 - Fields now have a readonly state
  • #1417 - Make the publish table javascript selector aware so extensions can modify the UI
  • #1389 - Use call_user_func_array for improved PHP5.4 compatibility
  • #1095 - Fix line height for breadcrumbs
  • Fix Date field to prevent MySQL strict errors
  • Fix typo with $silent in General::deleteFile
  • Fallback colours for < IE9 breadcrumbs
  • Documentation corrections

Beta 2


  • New Event types can now be created by extensions extending the Providers concept introduced in 2.3
  • Fields now have ExportableField, #1394 and ImportableField interfaces that allow fields and extensions greater control and flexibility about how data can be imported or exported from Symphony
  • #1092 - Improve handling of missing or renamed extensions, Symphony will now offer to rename the folder correctly for you using the extension.meta.xml file
  • Core Email API improvements including modifying the #753 envelope and #721 persistent connections
  • Add a new delegate, AdminPagePostCallback, that allows extension to enhance or modify the backend page


  • #1409 - The Field's canImport function has now been removed (this was meant to be removed in Symphony 2.3)
  • #1397 - Prepend section to class names on the entries table and publish pages to prevent issues when Sections share the same name as Symphony classes used for CSS
  • #1392 - When on the index page, the current_path variable will now be / instead of blank
  • #1382 - Allow the Tags plugin to also support textarea's
  • #1378 - Maintain any filtering in the breadcrumb if the entry is created from a filtered view
  • #1299 - Better handle when custom DataSources or Events do not fully implement the about() function
  • #1269 - Visiting /symphony/publish/ by accident will now redirect you to your first section
  • Use AuthorManager for login authentication for a tiny performance boost
  • #1412 - Various documentation updates


  • The grab function of DataSources has been deprecated, renamed to execute. This actually happened in 2.3, but now it's documented :)

Beta 1


  • #1372, #1206 - Allow Checkbox, Date and Taglist fields to be required
  • #1351 - Support parameters on the root page of the site without requiring the index page's handle
  • #1350 - Add a View Page button to the Pages Editor
  • #1349 - Extend the DatasourcePostEdit and EventPostEdit delegates to also pass the previous filename in the case where the DS/Event has been renamed
  • #1219 - Add a new setting to the Author field which allows only Authors or Developers (or both) to be shown in the publish pages
  • #983 - An entries modification date is now tracked and is available via the Sections Data source for parameter output, sorting, filtering and output. This is also backwards compatible if you have used system:date in the past
  • #672 - Automatically rename files when a clash is detected in the Upload field. Consider example.jpg, will be renamed to example_1.jpg. If that file exists, 1 will keep incrementing until a filename is available
  • Add iso and offset attributes to the General::createXMLDateObject function


  • #1395 - Prevent the Author DS from spamming the Symphony logs
  • #1391 - Fix upload error with PHP5.4.4
  • #1389 - Better support for PHP5.4 with Providers
  • #1380 - Missing "Select current user by default" for Authors field
  • #1379 - URL's with ? no longer fail validation
  • #1377 - Pass the $xsl parameter in FrontendOutputPreGenerate by reference
  • #1370 - Fix bottom padding on the installer
  • #1368 - Fix EntryPreEdit delegate behaviour on the Entries index
  • #1366 - Add data-path attribute to the Upload field's prepareTableValue link
  • #1365 - Fix EmailGatewayManager to use self instead of this
  • #1362 - Fix typo in General::deleteDirectory function
  • #1348 - Handle array syntax for URL parameters
  • #1347 - Fix error on XSLT exceptions in some situations
  • #1344 - Display the Select box help hint inline, fixes display issues on smaller screen resolutions
  • #1340 - Fix missing shadow on header
  • #1339 - If a Duplicator has no .content, then don't show the drop shadows in the header
  • #1337 - Switch the Textarea to use the unformatted logic (data will be wrapped in CDATA)
  • #1334 - Wrap localStorage setting in try/catch
  • #1331 - The backend wording and copy has been reviewed and slightly optimised (ongoing)
  • #1326 - If an extension fails to install, the uninstall method will be invoked so whatever part of the installation that had run can be reverted
  • #1281 - Better scalability for the navigation on smaller screens or those with a lot of navigation groups
  • #977 - Cleanup Section sorting by removing unused columns in the database
  • Fix error with complex fields when errors occur on pure Symphony 2.3 events
  • Fix issue for Providers in localised systems where the Datasource Editor wouldn't function correctly (immediate workaround is to use English backends for developers)
  • Fix Author field settings panel to enable multiple authors and default to current author options
  • Fix filtering by the system:date, this would throw an error in Symphony 2.3
  • The ExtensionManager::fetch() function is no longer case sensitive when sorting by Name
  • Documentation fixes for the DataSourcePre/PostExecute delegates
  • Update README markdown and old references
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