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Saiku 3 URL Params

Saiku 3 URL Params

Attribute Options Default Description Example
username String User name to access Saiku. http://localhost:8080/?username=admin&password=admin
password String Password to access Saiku. http://localhost:8080/?username=admin&password=admin
schema String Schema name. e.g: FoodMart http://localhost:8080/?schema=FoodMart
cube String Cube name. e.g: Sales http://localhost:8080/?schema=FoodMart&cube=Sales
default_filter_[Hierarchy][Level]=value String Define a Hierarchy/Level value filter. http://localhost:8080/?default_filter_[Time].[Weekly].[Year]=1998
default_mdx_filter String Extend default_mdx_filter to add level to filter axis. http://localhost:8080/?default_mdx_filter=[Time].[Time].[1997]
default_mdx_filter_rows String Extend default_mdx_filter_rows to add level to rows axis. http://localhost:8080/?default_mdx_filter_rows=[Time].[Time].[1997]
default_mdx_filter_columns String Extend default_mdx_filter_columns to add level to columns axis. http://localhost:8080/?default_mdx_filter_columns=[Time].[Time].[1997]
lang cn, cs, de, en, es, fi, fr, hr, hu, it, ja, ko, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt, ru Specifies the language to be used. http://localhost:8080/?lang=en
mode view, edit, table, chart, map Specifies the mode to use when opening a Saiku file. http://localhost:8080/?mode=chart
path_file_saiku String The path of your Saiku file. e.g: /homes/home:admin/example.saiku http://localhost:8080/?mode=chart&#query/open//homes/home:admin/test1.saiku
splash Boolean true Enable or disable splash screen. http://localhost:8080/?splash=false
plugin Boolean false Work in plugin mode. http://localhost:8080/?plugin=true
show_help Boolean false Show help using intro.js. http://localhost:8080/?show_help=true
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