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Last active April 16, 2021 22:25
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Running graphql-codegen on Redwood

I'm assuming you're using Apollo. This can be changed

  1. Install a few dependencies: yarn add -WD @graphql-codegen/cli @graphql-codegen/typescript @graphql-codegen/typescript-operations @graphql-codegen/typescript-react-apollo @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers npm-run-all ts-node

  2. In my setup, I also threw in npm-run-all and made some edits to my root package.json "scripts": yarn add -WD npm-run-all

     "dev": "npm-run-all --parallel dev:**",
     "dev:rw": "rw dev",
     "dev:graphql-codegen:watch": "sleep 10 && graphql-codegen --watch ", // Sleep 10 so that redwood has ample time to boot up before we start generating types. Tune to your liking.
     // If graphql-codegen can hook into redwood's lifecycles then the sleep 10 would not be required

    If you don't use npm-run-all, you will need to manually run yarn graphql-codegen --watch after starting yarn rw dev in a separate console.

  3. Add codegen.yml verbatim to your project

  4. Anytime you scaffold new code, graphql-codegen will complain because the default redwood scaffold templates generate duplicate operation names.

    e.g. if you have a model Foo and you scaffold your frontend, you will get FooCell and EditFooCell with the same query named FIND_FOO_BY_ID.

    A quick fix is to either:

    1. Rename one query (I change the one in EditFooCell to be FIND_FOO_BY_ID_FOR_EDIT)
    2. Delete one and import it from the other instead.

    In any case, the errors generated by graphql-codegen tend to be helpful in pointing out where the issue is and how to correct it. I haven't had issues apart from duplicate query/mutation names generated from scaffolding.

Some considerations

I have not used this approach in production yet, so it may be desirable to create a root @types directory and have the generated files go there.

schema: http://localhost:8910/api/graphql
- ./{web,api}/src/**/!(*.d).{ts,tsx,js.jsx}
strict: true
DateTime: string
Date: string
JSON: Record<string, unknown>
JSONObject: Record<string, unknown>
Time: string
- typescript
- typescript-resolvers
- ts-node/register
- ./web/src/**/!(*.d).{ts,tsx,js,jsx}
- typescript
- typescript-operations
# - typescript-react-apollo # Commented out because it generates unused types. Could be useful to consolidate query info in one file.
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