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Notakey Authentication Appliance on Ubuntu QEMU-KVM (unsupported by vendor)


Setup of an instance of the Notakey Authentication appliance running on Ubuntu with QEMU-KVM.

Sign up for license

Sign up for an evaluation license at

Download the legacy appliance

After you've signed up you will receive an email with download links for:

  • Vmware ESXi 6.5 or newer
  • Vmware ESXi 6.0 or older
  • HyperV

Download the file for Vmware ESXi 6.0 or older to your QEMU-KVM host machine.

Extract and convert VMWare to QEMU-KVM

Extract the file to get the vmdk image which will be converted to qemu qcow2 format:

tar -xvf naa-v4.2.21-ros1.1.0-legacy.ova
qemu-img convert -O qcow2 naa-v4.2.21-ros1.1.0-disk1.vmdk naa-v4.2.21-ros1.1.0-disk1.qcow2

mv naa-v4.2.21-ros1.1.0-disk1.qcow2 myhostname.vm1

Setup with virt-manager

Then using virt-manager you can create a new virtual machine from an existing file.

Make sure you set the CPUs to at least 2, and the RAM to 4096 MB (4GB).

If troubles with networking, bypass by setting up a DHCP server seperately and assigning an IP address to the MAC address. You can obtain this via virt-manager settings for the VM. The details of this step are outside the scope of this document.

First boot and wizard

Once the appliance is booted with an IP address, perform the following steps:

ntk sys password
 - change the root password
ntk wizard
 - setup with SSL
ntk sys reboot

Further configuration

after reboot

ntk cfg setc node.advertise_ip <your node IP>
ntk cfg setc :auth_domain https://<your linked hostname>
ntk sys ntp <your time server IP>
ntk cluster start
ntk as start

Note that auth_domain needs to be same as for license, and include https:// to avoid an onboarding error

Verify server is reachable

Check server is reachable with:

curl -XGET https://your.node/api/health

Continue with web-based setup

Then open https://your.node/ and continue with normal setup.

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