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Last active Sep 20, 2021
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Washingtons NFT

Washingtons, NFT with staking.

Mint a Washington

  • Limit of 2 minted per wallet. Transfer out to mint more.
  • No limit to number that can be staked afaik.
  • Staked Washingtons get unstable dollars per day.

WIP, been a slow minting after launch. Seems like most high volume NFT launches involve buying their own tokens and artificial hype.

Rare traits

  • astro helmet
  • king crown
  • laser eyes
  • bitcoin pin

Rare backgrounds

  • glitch
  • meme color


This is for fun and experimentation. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars on transaction fees to do anything useful, such as minting, or buying and selling on opensea or rarible and others. You can set lower fees but you'll still spend up to $300 or more to get the full experience.

If you must buy into this game, make sure you support artists and developers from your social circle and regional group chats. Projects that wouldn't succeed without your support.

Second disclaimer

This was an exercise in UX. It's easy to install metamask, buy ETH with a card, then mint an NFT, with minimal KYC or click throughs. In 5 minutes max. It's so simple, you have to wonder why we can't top up LN channels the same way?

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