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Last active Apr 26, 2019

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$obbing over a change of heart


$obbing over a change of heart

A trade indicator that flashes a warning when people publicly state positions with reasoning, and then either express doubt over earlier assessment, or panic change their minds.


  • twitter feeds
  • slack channels
  • telegram
  • anything machine-readable


  • user configures bias (bull/bear) of added streams


  • machine-learning bias determinination

Background processing:

  • system watches for 'a change of heart' such as a bearish position suddenly going bullish


  • alert user that monitored feed has begun to flip-flop, or have a change-of-heart

Use Case

The user can then make a trade decision to long/short based on the status, and how many times it repeats across different monitored feeds.

The reasoning behind this is a flip-flop decision, or moment of doubt under duress, is usually a good indicator of when to do the exact opposite.

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