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extended from /u/irepostoldmemes on imgur, and with apologies to the Butthole Surfers.
Mark infected Sharon.
Sharon got Sharice.
They were sharin' Sharon's covids
'Cause it's such a quick disease.
Mikey has Pneumonia scars,
Bobby got shot by the racists,
They were all in love with dyin'
cause they're reopening Texas.
Tommy caught the virus
from a kid out in the rain.
They are reopening Dallas,
all aboard the covid train.
They were all in love with 'dyin'
they will do it by the thousands.
They'll kill all of the rest of us,
locked inside our houses.
God I miss the sun sometimes,
The images it shows.
Wash your hands, don't touch your face
Cover your mouth and nose.
Our distance is six feet apart
a gulf ten miles wide.
Damn Hy-drox-y-chloro-quine
another of Trump's lies
Some will die alone at home
surrounded by their trashes,
Others in the ICU
with mysterious skin rashes.
Some will lose their loves in life
some mothers, fathers, children,
as we rush to find a dumping ground,
for our mass graves have been filled in.
I don't mind the mask sometimes
the aerosols it slows.
They say that first you lose your taste
And then your smelling goes.
A smear campaign against those who
have fought all of their lives,
to delay and defeat disease,
another of Trump's lies.
Another Mikey was abducted
in Portland right in public
By secret police in unmarked vans
like the East German Republic.
Then there was the ever-present
well-connected rapist
who the President commended
as he tweeted to his bases.
Pauly caught a rubber bullet
aimed right at his head,
a wall of moms were tear gassed
Garret Foster was shot dead.
America's on fire,
With gasoline they try to douse it.
When do you think they'll get to you?
It's all just slaughterhouses.
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