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Brian Boyko brianboyko

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// While I started the original Reduxify project on NPM, my repo partner, Johnathan Sun, improved on it.
// However, I still like incorporating my original into my own projects, and so I'm making this Gist for my
// own reference.
import {bindActionCreators} from 'redux';
import {connect} from 'react-redux';
const pick = (state, list) => list.reduce((pv, cv) => {
pv[curr] = state[curr];
return pv;
# Your init script
# Atom will evaluate this file each time a new window is opened. It is run
# after packages are loaded/activated and after the previous editor state
# has been restored.
# An example hack to log to the console when each text editor is saved.
# atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
# editor.onDidSave ->
brianboyko / util.js
Last active Aug 10, 2016
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import _ from 'lodash';
/** function bindAllMethods()
* This takes and ES6 class with methods, and automatically binds "this" - ie.,
* the class itself, to the methods. This should not be used if even one
* method needs a different context for "this", but otherwise, it's a timesaver.
* @param {class} SomeClass - an ES6 class which contains methods
* @sideeffect - someClass will have "this" bound to all methods
export const bindAllMethods = (someClass) => {
for(let key of Object.keys(someClass)){
brianboyko / Number.prototype.iterate
Created May 29, 2016
Number.prototype.iterate - use to call a function multiple times on it's own output.
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Number.prototype.iterate = function(func) {
let iters = this;
return (input) => {
let output = input;
for (let i = iters; i > 0; i--) {
output = func(output);
return output;
brianboyko / callbacks.js
Created May 13, 2016
Explaining Callbacks
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// Callbacks!
// Callbacks are both really, really simple,
// o((*^▽^*))o
// and really really difficult to wrap your head around.
// ( ´△`)
// They're what make Javascript so powerful... but also so complex.
// You're familiar with f(x) from algebra, right?
// ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯
brianboyko / reduxify.js
Created May 11, 2016
Reduxify.js - a boilerplate reducer for Redux/React
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// ==========================
// ./utilities/reduxify.js
// desc: Development tools to automatically bind actions and storestate to props.
// ==========================
// More Details:
// Reduxify might not be the "standard" way of doing Redux; certainly,
// not every component will need access to every action, not everyone will
// need to pass the dispatcher or the getState() method to their components,
// and certainly, some users would prefer that each appliction exists on a
View gist:1a6083877bc65c983ef4'/', function(req, res){
var type = req.body.type;
if(type === 'signup'){
console.log('type is signup')
passport.authenticate('local-signup', {
successRedirect: '/teacher',
failureRedirect: '#',
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<div ng-repeat="fbCriterion in fbCriteria" class="col-xs-8">
<label for="criteria">{{}}: {{fbCriterion.prompt}}</label>
<div class="range range-info">
<input type="range" name="range" min="1" max="100" value="50" ng-change="$('#' +" ng-model="presentation[]">
<output id="{{}}">50</output>
View gist:cd060c3e7077d42b3053
A flashing red traffic light signifies that a driver should do what?
A. stop *
B. speed up
C. proceed with caution
D. honk the horn
A knish is traditionally stuffed with what filling?
A. potato *
View gist:17d71eda0cd035f15f3b
// Your code here.
var isObject = function(x) {
if (typeof x === "object" && x !== null) {
return true;
} else {
return false;
var deepEqual = function(a, b) { // takes two objects
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