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@brianbunke brianbunke/NewSplit.ps1

Last active Nov 12, 2015
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2015-11 Scripting Games Puzzle
# Ideally this is [string[]]
# Copying from old: Split up names by commas, trim the ends, output to screen
$VMNameStr -split "," | %{$_.trim()}
# Not [string[]], so will only accept one value
# Don't define an empty array up top if you're not appending into it below
# If there's a comma, we need to split into multiple names
if($VMNameStr.indexof(",") -gt 0) {
# $Trace only intended as debugging, can be ignored
$Trace="Found Comma..."
# Split up the names on commas, then trim up the ends
# This is the useful line, the other stuff makes it worse
$VMs=$VMNameStr -split "," | %{$_.trim()}
# Still ignoring here because it's not called below
$trace+="Length = $($VMs.length)"
$trace+=$VMs -is [array]
# This is the long way of coding ForEach
for($i=0;$i -lt $VMs.length;$i++){
# Continuation of ForEach logic
if($VMs[$i] -gt ""){
# Create $vmname0, value is the string name of current VM
# More variables that will not be called later
set-variable -Name ("vmname" + $i) -value $VMs[$i]
# Append the current VM name into $VMNames
# VMNameStr --> $VMName0 --> $VMNames
# Show your triumphant split of names by comma
# Format varies depending on your input into the parameter
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