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Stratasan Front-End Developer

Lead Front-End Developer

Become a Stratanaut!

You are familiar with best practices in the world of Javascript and the web's front-end. We are a team of backend (Python) developers that can no longer pretend we know what we're doing with React & Redux. Join our team and help us write web applications that change how health care market research and strategy is done.

Who We Are

Stratasan is a Nashville-based company that provides intelligence on healthcare markets to hospital strategists, physician offices, community care experts, and others. We aggregate healthcare data, curate it, and provide reports and tools that aid healthcare decision-making. As an example, we give guidance to our clients looking to place a new acute care clinic.

Why You Should Talk To Us

  • We are an early stage company, so your skills and guidance have an immediate impact on the company's direction.
  • We have interesting challenges aggregating, curating, and securing billions of records of healthcare data.
  • We do our best to follow the tenets of 12 Factor Apps.
  • We have built our products on the open source stack, and we contribute back when we are able. Our team is heavily involved in the local Python community user group, PyNash. We have been regular sponsors and attendees of PyCon North America and PyTennessee.
  • Our employees have a healthy work-life balance.
  • Our development team has flexible working arrangements (e.g., avoid high-traffic hours and working from home once a week).
  • Pick your machine. As long as it's not Windows. (Just kidding. Mostly.)

What We're Looking For

  • An experienced developer that has worked on the front-end (CSS/JS/HTML) for several projects.
  • Some familiarity with the React/Redux pattern would be helpful.
  • Familiarity with the pros and cons of various Javascript libraries.
  • Familiarity with the limitations of some browsers.
  • Familiarity with the web stack, particularly interacting with REST APIs.
  • Familiarity with Javascript test suites (e.g., Jasmine)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Some experience with Python/Django would be great, but not required.


  • Lead our efforts to make sure our application is intuitive and friendly to our users.
  • Develop application user interface code in HTML/CSS and Javascript
    • Libraries we use: React/Redux, jQuery, Backbone.js.
  • Work with the development team to develop products against a REST API.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to junior team members.
  • Oversee front-end architecture and code completed by other members of the team and review for standards and quality.
  • Create user-friendly interactions for data analysis, including interactive data visualizations (graphs and flowcharts).
  • Write automated unit tests to ensure quality work and prevent introduction of regressions.

Technologies We Use

If you don't have any experience in any of the following, we would still love to talk. It's more important that you are familiar with the web application stack in general than specific libraries.

Pay Scale

As always, pay is generally based on level of experience, but we expect this position to land in the $70-110k range.

How To Reach Us

If this sounds like a position that would be interesting to you email us our CTO at Send us a plain-text resume and a way we can contact you. If you have a GitHub or StackOverflow account, feel free to include that. Tell us about other projects you've worked on and enjoyed.

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