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BeerJS Brooklyn June 20


fuck yeah brah

strmpnk commented Jun 19, 2012



imlucas commented Jun 19, 2012


Beer! W00t!

Done and done.

ecto commented Jun 19, 2012

Most excellent

Also there.

Totally there.


reem0 commented Jun 19, 2012

So there!

jealous, play some galaga for me!

Hope to make it. just moved to brooklyn, never been to your meetup before

DAMMIT, I will be attending an event at Brooklyn Academy of Music. So close, yet so far.

Will try! I an giving a talk early eve, but will try to come after.

Argh! May just have to skip the Orioles/Mets game. This seems awesome.

Dammit, I have something else to attend.

Awwwww, yeahhhhhh. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of JS wizards I only know from the webz...

SaraJo commented Jun 20, 2012

There is a 20% chance I will make it. Regardless, enjoy, and please do this again.

sounds dope

ajpiano commented Jun 20, 2012

i'm thereeeeeeee


brianleroux commented Jun 20, 2012



Using Gist to organize an event: SMART

Beers at Barcade happening when you're stuck on the other side of the continent: Ah fuck


brianleroux commented Jun 20, 2012


c4milo commented Jun 20, 2012

Count me in

strmpnk commented Jun 20, 2012

@bradfrost That goes on your permanent record.

QQ I'm just now seeing this in Manhattan.


brianleroux commented Jun 21, 2012


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