BeerJS Brooklyn June 20

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Most excellent

jealous, play some galaga for me!

Hope to make it. just moved to brooklyn, never been to your meetup before

DAMMIT, I will be attending an event at Brooklyn Academy of Music. So close, yet so far.

Will try! I an giving a talk early eve, but will try to come after.

Argh! May just have to skip the Orioles/Mets game. This seems awesome.

Dammit, I have something else to attend.

Awwwww, yeahhhhhh. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of JS wizards I only know from the webz...

There is a 20% chance I will make it. Regardless, enjoy, and please do this again.

i'm thereeeeeeee

Using Gist to organize an event: SMART

Beers at Barcade happening when you're stuck on the other side of the continent: Ah fuck

@bradfrost That goes on your permanent record.

QQ I'm just now seeing this in Manhattan.

On my way

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