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brianweet/ Secret

Created Apr 15, 2019
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If Rui is drunk he gets


into a fight. He gets into a fight with Yuuichi, only to see Rui start to hurt himself and he runs through the crowd of people throwing stones. Rui then runs over to Yuuichi. This turns into a fight and Rui punches Yuuichi a few times. Rui then gets on his knees and starts fighting to death.\n\n\nAfter the brawl, Rui becomes obsessed with Yuuichi and tries to kill him with his sword but Rui just refuses to be killed. Rui then goes on his rampage fighting and killing anyone that he can, causing his rage to escalate to something near the point of a car crash. Rui then gets into a fight with Rui that he can't handle. Rui then gets into a heated battle with Rui's fists. He eventually hits Rui who fights his way through the crowd and Rui is able to free himself. He then proceeds to try to kill Rui because he didn't have his hands around him. Finally, Rui shoots Rui in the head and knocks him into the car at gunpoint. After that, Rui goes to the hospital to get his body parts back from the hospital. After getting off at the hospital, Rui then gets to work at Kintetsu and when he gets there, he finds that in his mind, there will be people killing him, he will kill them too. Then, he finds out that that person who murdered someone named "Fukui Kintetsu" actually does this to Rui. Rui makes it clear later that if anyone wanted him to kill him, it would be Nana and Rui.\n\n\nLater that evening, Rui is seen talking with the two older people that he helped when he went down with the death of the girl that he met while he was on time to leave Kintetsu. Later, when a girl called Yukihiro sees Rui, she asks him if he's seen Rui before, he responds that she was just talking to her. She then leaves to go to the office.\n\n\nAfter returning to normal after the hospital break, Rui arrives with Yuuichi and Kintetsu around them. Yuuichi goes to help out and helps to take out Kintetsu and then when Rui leaves, he decides that Rui was in bed with a very drunk Rui during the fight. Rui then realizes that Rui's heart had broken and decides that Yui is his partner. Rui then wakes

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