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Last active Dec 21, 2015
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Hook documentation for the image_downsize filter
* Override default image downsize rules with a custom resizing service
* Defaults to false (no third-party downsizing), but can pass an indexed
* array of image details to use in place of WP's default downsizing rules
* and short-circuit the remainder of the function.
* @since 2.5.0
@param false|array $image_downsize {
* Indexed array of details on success.
* @type string $img_url The URL of the downsized image
* @type integer $width The width of the downsized image
* @type integer $height The height of the downsized image
* @type bool $is_intermediate True if $img_url is a downsized image, false if it is the original
* }
* @param integer $id Attachment ID for image
* @param array|string $size Size of image, either array (e.g. array( 120, 120 )) or string (e.g. 'medium')
if ( $out = apply_filters( 'image_downsize', false, $id, $size ) )
return $out;
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