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Last active Nov 23, 2017

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Quick Bash tool to test for bottlenecks on an internal network. Tests the path to a host with each UDP/ICMP/TCP packet types for comparison. Used from shell and target device passed from stdin: example "./ <<your host here>>" Can be used in cron job for scheduled testing.
echo "------"
echo "MTR Trace Report - UDP"
echo "______________________"
mtr -r -w -c 10 --show-ips -u $host
echo "------"
echo "------"
echo "MTR Trace Report - ICMP"
echo "_______________________"
mtr -r -w -c 10 --show-ips $host
echo "------"
echo "------"
echo "MTR Trace Report - TCP"
echo "______________________"
mtr -r -w -c 10 --show-ips -T $host
echo "------"
echo ""
echo "------"
echo "Parsed hosts for configuration gathering:"
echo "_________________________________________"
tracepath $host | grep -v 1?| grep -v LOC | uniq
echo "---- end of testing ----"
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