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Successfully installed Rubinius 4.5
Add '/nix/store/1nr7mj3r9hmnp4mr7l3r6fsgyfy31mg3-rubinius-4.5/bin' to your PATH. Available commands are:
rbx, ruby, rake, gem, irb, rdoc, ri
1. Run Ruby files with 'rbx path/to/file.rb'
2. Start IRB by running 'rbx' with no arguments
running tests
no Makefile or custom buildPhase, doing nothing
post-installation fixup
strip is /nix/store/b3yssmqyfc8yid9vyfq41g0m0gf38dj1-cctools-binutils-darwin/bin/strip
stripping (with command strip and flags -S) in /nix/store/1nr7mj3r9hmnp4mr7l3r6fsgyfy31mg3-rubinius-4.5/bin
patching script interpreter paths in /nix/store/1nr7mj3r9hmnp4mr7l3r6fsgyfy31mg3-rubinius-4.5
$ echo $?
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