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Request for support: Please help me get a copy of Wascou - URL Shortener
Hello Maxime,
I am sorry to bother you. I have been trying to connect with you via
Twitter and LinkedIn for the past month.
I use eZ Publish ... a lot. I'm trying to find a copy of "Wascou Software
Edition - URL Shortener (wse_us)" Re:
I used to have a copy of the package but I have lost it and can't find it
any longer.
The Wascou software downloads were seemingly only on their website and
never posted to the website. Now the Wascou website and
downloads are offline.
I need your software "Wascou Software Edition - URL Shortener (wse_us)"
for use on our website we wish to provide short links to
our eZ Publish content.
Would you please find a backup copy of the link shortener software and
email it to me, please?
Please respond.
I know you don't do Wascou any more but I really don't want to write a url
shortener solution from scratch if at all possible. I would much rather
use the Wascou URL Shortener.
Again please respond. I need your help to make improvements to our eZ
community website with regard to url shortened links.
Graham Brookins
Brookins Consulting Team Member and Avid eZ Publish Supporter
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