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Maps? Arrays? Psh.
* Example field (aka columns) names and values, that will be used in the
* CAML query. The values are the attributes of a single list item here.
* If the field name contains a space in SharePoint, replace it
* here with _x0020_ (including underscores).
$field1Name = "Name";
$field2Name = "Email";
$field3Name = "PhoneNumber";
$field4Name = "Department";
$field5Name = "Citizenship";
$field6Name = "DepartmentSponsor";
$field7Name = "Supervisor";
$field8Name = "ScienceQuestion";
$field9Name = "ResearchQuestion";
$field10Name = "PamisorFundNumber";
$field11Name = "LanguageBarrier";
$field12Name = "ExportControlledStamp";
$field13Name = "MilitaryQuestion";
$field14Name = "SignatureLink";
$field1Value = $name;
$field2Value = $email;
$field3Value = $phone;
$field4Value = $department;
$field5Value = $citizenship;
$field6Value = $departmentsponsor;
$field7Value = $supervisor;
$field8Value = $sciencequestion;
$field9Value = $researchquestion;
$field10Value = $pamisorfundnumber;
$field11Value = $languagebarrier;
$field12Value = $exportcontrolledstamp;
$field13Value = $militaryquestion;
$field14Value = $signaturelink;
Noia commented Oct 26, 2012

Your code is bad and you should feel bad!


Bahaha! This is hilarious!

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