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Regression report ef72938a8b9171abc5c4b463d3e8345dc0e603a6 vs. 8e70eb1bfc83cdc776ab0ac1cc67f75fbbe14f62

  • From: ef72938a8b9171abc5c4b463d3e8345dc0e603a6
  • To: 8e70eb1bfc83cdc776ab0ac1cc67f75fbbe14f62


  • 2268 crates tested: 1132 working / 1059 broken / 0 regressed / 0 fixed / 77 unknown.


  • There are 0 root regressions
  • There are 0 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Non-root regressions, sorted by rank:

Broken, sorted by rank:

Fixed, sorted by rank:

Working, sorted by rank:

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