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Last active Jun 5, 2020
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Set up Azure tooling
# Set the root path for extensions
code --extensions-dir <dir>
# List the installed extensions.
code --list-extensions
# Install extension
code --install-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)
# Uninstalls an extension.
code --uninstall-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)
az aks get-credentials --resource-group $RESOURCEGROUPNAME --name $AKSCLUSTERNAME
kubectl get nodes
powershell -command "(Get-Variable PSVersionTable -ValueOnly).PSVersion"
az aks install-cli
#Requires -Version 7.0
#Requires -Modules PowerShellGet
# you may need to agree to accepts signed PowerShell modules
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy AllSigned
# From
if ($PSVersionTable.PSEdition -eq 'Desktop' -and (Get-Module -Name AzureRM -ListAvailable)) {
Write-Warning -Message ('Az module not installed. Having both the AzureRM and ' +
'Az modules installed at the same time is not supported.')
} else {
Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Scope CurrentUser -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.Blueprint -Scope CurrentUser -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.Security -Scope CurrentUser -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.OperationalInsights -Scope CurrentUser -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.Network -Scope CurrentUser -Force
Install-Module -Name azuread -Scope CurrentUser -Force
### Adapted from
$destimationPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("MyDocuments")
#Download AzCopy
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile -UseBasicParsing
#Curl.exe option (Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update (or later))
# curl.exe -L -o
#Expand Archive
Expand-Archive ./ ./AzCopy -Force
#Move AzCopy to the destination you want to store it
New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $destimationPath\Azure\AzCopy
Get-ChildItem ./AzCopy/*/azcopy.exe | Move-Item -Destination $destimationPath\Azure\AzCopy\AzCopy.exe
#Add your AzCopy path to the Windows environment PATH using PowerShell:
Set-Item -Path Env:Path -Value ($Env:Path + ";" + $destimationPath + "\Azure\AzCopy")
$env:Path -split ';'
curl -L | bash
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile .\AzureCLI.msi; Start-Process msiexec.exe -Wait -ArgumentList '/I AzureCLI.msi /quiet'; rm .\AzureCLI.msi
sudo apt install git-all
# for Ubuntu 14 and above
sudo apt-get install jq
# Update the packages index and install the dependencies
sudo apt update
sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget
# Import the Microsoft GPG key
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
# Enable the Visual Studio Code repository
sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] stable main"
# Install the latest version of Visual Studio Code with:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install code
Get-AzResourceProvider -ListAvailable | Select-Object ProviderNamespace, RegistrationState
az provider list --query "[].{Provider:namespace, Status:registrationState}" --out table
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Batch
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Batch
# Connect to Azure with a browser sign in token
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