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Comparison of metadata in IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1.jpg (direct download and via discourse)
SourceFile AboutCvTermCvId AboutCvTermId AboutCvTermName AboutCvTermRefinedAbout AdditionalModelInformation AltTextAccessibility APP14Flags0 APP14Flags1 ApplicationRecordVersion Artist ArtworkCircaDateCreated ArtworkContentDescription ArtworkContributionDescription ArtworkCopyrightNotice ArtworkCopyrightOwnerID ArtworkCopyrightOwnerName ArtworkCreator ArtworkCreatorID ArtworkDateCreated ArtworkLicensorID ArtworkLicensorName ArtworkPhysicalDescription ArtworkSource ArtworkSourceInventoryNo ArtworkSourceInvURL ArtworkStylePeriod ArtworkTitle AuthorsPosition BitsPerSample By-line By-lineTitle Caption-Abstract CaptionWriter City ColorComponents ColorSpace ColorTransform Comment ComponentsConfiguration Copyright CopyrightNotice CopyrightOwnerID CopyrightOwnerName Country Country-PrimaryLocationCode Country-PrimaryLocationName CountryCode Creator CreatorAddress CreatorCity CreatorCountry CreatorPostalCode CreatorRegion CreatorWorkEmail CreatorWorkTelephone CreatorWorkURL Credit CurrentIPTCDigest DateCreated DateTimeCreated DateTimeOriginal DCTEncodeVersion Description DigitalImageGUID DigitalSourceType Directory EmbeddedEncodedRightsExpr EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprLangID EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprType EncodingProcess Event EventId ExifByteOrder ExifToolVersion ExifVersion ExtDescrAccessibility FileAccessDate FileCreateDate FileModifyDate FileName FilePermissions FileSize FileType FileTypeExtension FlashpixVersion GenreCvId GenreCvTermId GenreCvTermName GenreCvTermRefinedAbout Headline ImageCreatorID ImageCreatorImageID ImageCreatorName ImageDescription ImageHeight ImageRegionBoundaryH ImageRegionBoundaryRx ImageRegionBoundaryShape ImageRegionBoundaryUnit ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesX ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesY ImageRegionBoundaryW ImageRegionBoundaryX ImageRegionBoundaryY ImageRegionCtypeIdentifier ImageRegionCtypeName ImageRegionID ImageRegionName ImageRegionOrganisationInImageName ImageRegionPersonInImage ImageRegionRoleIdentifier ImageRegionRoleName ImageSize ImageSupplierID ImageSupplierImageID ImageSupplierName ImageWidth Instructions IntellectualGenre JFIFVersion Keywords LicensorCity LicensorCountry LicensorEmail LicensorExtendedAddress LicensorID LicensorName LicensorPostalCode LicensorRegion LicensorStreetAddress LicensorTelephone1 LicensorTelephone2 LicensorTelephoneType1 LicensorTelephoneType2 LicensorURL LinkedEncodedRightsExpr LinkedEncodedRightsExprLangID LinkedEncodedRightsExprType Location LocationCreatedCity LocationCreatedCountryCode LocationCreatedCountryName LocationCreatedGPSAltitude LocationCreatedGPSLatitude LocationCreatedGPSLongitude LocationCreatedLocationId LocationCreatedLocationName LocationCreatedProvinceState LocationCreatedSublocation LocationCreatedWorldRegion LocationShownCity LocationShownCountryCode LocationShownCountryName LocationShownGPSAltitude LocationShownGPSLatitude LocationShownGPSLongitude LocationShownLocationId LocationShownLocationName LocationShownProvinceState LocationShownSublocation LocationShownWorldRegion MaxAvailHeight MaxAvailWidth Megapixels MIMEType MinorModelAgeDisclosure ModelAge ModelReleaseID ModelReleaseStatus ObjectAttributeReference ObjectName OffsetTimeOriginal OrganisationInImageCode OrganisationInImageName OriginalTransmissionReference PersonInImage PersonInImageCvTermCvId PersonInImageCvTermId PersonInImageCvTermName PersonInImageCvTermRefinedAbout PersonInImageDescription PersonInImageId PersonInImageName ProductInImageDescription ProductInImageGTIN ProductInImageName PropertyReleaseID PropertyReleaseStatus Province-State Rating RegistryEntryRole RegistryItemID RegistryOrganisationID ResolutionUnit Rights Scene Source SpecialInstructions State Sub-location Subject SubjectCode SubjectReference SubSecDateTimeOriginal TimeCreated Title TransmissionReference UsageTerms WebStatement Writer-Editor XMPToolkit XResolution YCbCrPositioning YCbCrSubSampling YResolution
IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1-viaDiscourse.jpg 8 3 . Progressive DCT, Huffman coding 12.3 2022:01:22 07:41:06-05:00 2022:01:22 07:37:54-05:00 2022:01:22 07:37:54-05:00 IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1-viaDiscourse.jpg -rw-rw-rw- 102 KiB JPEG jpg 1000 2000x1000 2000 1.01 2 image/jpeg None 1 YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2) 1
IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1.jpg CV-Term Name 1 (ref2021.1) Additional Model Info (ref2021.1) This is the Alt Text description to support accessibility in 2021.1 Encoded with Blend=1 downsampling (none) 4 Creator1 (ref2021.1) AO Circa Date: between 1550 and 1600 (ref2021.1) AO Content Description 1 (ref2021.1) AO Contribution Description 1 (ref2021.1) AO Copyright Notice 1 (ref2021.1) AO Current Copyright Owner ID 1 (ref2021.1) AO Current Copyright Owner Name 1 (ref2021.1) AO Creator Name 1a (ref2021.1), AO Creator Name 1b (ref2021.1) AO Creator Id 1a (ref2021.1), AO Creator Id 1b (ref2021.1) 1921:10:20 21:01:00+00:00 AO Current Licensor ID 1 (ref2021.1) AO Current Licensor Name 1 (ref2021.1) AO Physical Description 1 (ref2021.1) AO Source 1 (ref2021.1) AO Source Inventory No 1 (ref2021.1) AO Source Inventory URL (ref2021.1) AO Style Baroque (ref2021.1), AO Style Italian Baroque (ref2021.1) AO Title 1 (ref2021.1) Creator's Job Title (ref2021.1) 8 Creator1 (ref2021.1) Creator's Job Title (ref2021.1) The description aka caption (ref2021.1) Description Writer (ref2021.1) City (Core) (ref2021.1) 3 Uncalibrated YCbCr IPTC Photo Metadata Standard 2021.1 reference image file - release 1, of 2021-11-07 Y, Cb, Cr, - Copyright (Notice) 2021.1 IPTC - (ref2021.1) Copyright (Notice) 2021.1 IPTC - (ref2021.1) Copyright Owner Id 1 (ref2021.1), Copyright Owner Id 2 (ref2021.1) Copyright Owner Name 1 (ref2021.1), Copyright Owner Name 2 (ref2021.1) Country (Core) (ref2021.1) R21 Country (Core) (ref2021.1) R21 Creator1 (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: Address, line 1 (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: City (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: Country (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: Postcode (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: State/Province (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: Email@1, Email@2 (ref2021.1) Creator's CI: Phone # 1, Phone # 2 (ref2021.1) http://www.Creators.CI/WebAddress/ref2021.1 Credit Line (ref2021.1) 16733efc52a601ef54ccf5b9a0baecc6 2021:10:20 21:01:01+00:00 2021:10:20 21:01:01+00:00 2021:10:20 21:01:01 100 The description aka caption (ref2021.1) . The Encoded Rights Expression (ref2021.1) IANA Media Type of ERE (ref2021.1) Progressive DCT, Huffman coding Event Name (ref2021.1), Big-endian (Motorola, MM) 12.3 232 This is the Extended Description to support accessibility in 2021.1 2022:01:22 07:41:06-05:00 2022:01:22 07:37:42-05:00 2022:01:22 07:37:43-05:00 IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1.jpg -rw-rw-rw- 131 KiB JPEG jpg 100 Genre CV-Term Name 1 (ref2021.1) The Headline (ref2021.1) Image Creator Id 1 (ref2021.1) Image Creator Image ID (ref2021.1) Image Creator Name 1 (ref2021.1) The description aka caption (ref2021.1) 1000 0.385 0.068 Rectangle, Circle, Polygon Relative, Relative, Relative 0.05, 0.148, 0.375 0.713, 0.041, 0.863 0.127 0.31, 0.59 0.18, 0.426,,,,, Region Boundary Content Type Name (ref2021.1), Region Boundary Content Type Name (ref2021.1), Region Boundary Content Type Name (ref2021.1) persltr2, persltr3, persltr1 Listener 1, Listener 2, Speaker 1 Organisation name no 1 in region persltr2 (ref2021.1), Organisation name no 1 in region persltr2 (ref2021.1), Organisation name no 1 in region persltr3 (ref2021.1) Person name no 1 in region persltr2 (ref2021.1), Person name no 1 in region persltr3 (ref2021.1), Person name no 1 in region persltr1 (ref2021.1),,,,, Region Boundary Content Role Name (ref2021.1), Region Boundary Content Role Name (ref2021.1), Region Boundary Content Role Name (ref2021.1) 2000x1000 Image Supplier Id (ref2021.1) Image Supplier Image ID (ref2021.1) Image Supplier Name (ref2021.1) 2000 An Instruction (ref2021.1) A Genre (ref2021.1) Keyword1ref2021.1, Keyword2ref2021.1, Keyword3ref2021.1 Licensor City 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor City 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Country 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Country 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Email 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Email 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Ext Addr 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Ext Addr 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor ID 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor ID 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Name 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Name 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Postcode 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Postcode 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Region 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Region 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Street Addr 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Street Addr 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Phone1 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Phone1 2 (ref2021.1) Licensor Phone2 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor Phone2 2 (ref2021.1) Work, Work Cell, Cell Licensor URL 1 (ref2021.1), Licensor URL 2 (ref2021.1) IANA Media Type of ERE (ref2021.1) Sublocation (Core) (ref2021.1) City (Location created1) (ref2021.1) R17 CountryName (Location created1) (ref2021.1) 480 m 48 deg 16' 30.00" N 16 deg 20' 16.80" E Location Id (Location created1) (ref2021.1) Location Name (Location created1) (ref2021.1) Province/State (Location created1) (ref2021.1) Sublocation (Location created1) (ref2021.1) Worldregion (Location created1) (ref2021.1) City (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), City (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) R17, R17 CountryName (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), CountryName (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) 140 m, 120 m 48 deg 8' 49.20" N, 47 deg 57' 7.20" N 17 deg 5' 52.80" E, 16 deg 49' 48.00" E Location Id 1a(Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Location Id 1b(Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Location Id 2a(Location shown2) (ref2021.1), Location Id 2b(Location shown2) (ref2021.1) Location Name (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Location Name (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) Province/State (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Province/State (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) Sublocation (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Sublocation (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) Worldregion (Location shown1) (ref2021.1), Worldregion (Location shown2) (ref2021.1) 20 21 2 image/jpeg Age 25 or Over 25, 27, 30 Model Release ID 1 (ref2021.1), Model Release ID 2 (ref2021.1) Not Applicable A Genre (ref2021.1) The Title (ref2021.1) +00:00 Organisation Code 1 (ref2021.1), Organisation Code 2 (ref2021.1), Organisation Code 3 (ref2021.1) Organisation Name 1 (ref2021.1), Organisation Name 2 (ref2021.1), Organisation Name 3 (ref2021.1) Job Id (ref2021.1) Person Shown 1 (ref2021.1), Person Shown 2 (ref2021.1) Person Characteristic Name 1 (ref2021.1) Person Description 1 (ref2021.1), Person Name 1 (ref2021.1) Product Description 1 (ref2021.1) 123456782021.1 Product Name 1 (ref2021.1) Property Release ID 1 (ref2021.1), Property Release ID 2 (ref2021.1) Not Applicable Province/State(Core)(ref2021.1) 1 Registry Entry Role ID 1 (ref2021.1), Registry Entry Role ID 2 (ref2021.1) Registry Image ID 1 (ref2021.1), Registry Image ID 2 (ref2021.1) Registry Organisation ID 1 (ref2021.1), Registry Organisation ID 2 (ref2021.1) inches Copyright (Notice) 2021.1 IPTC - (ref2021.1) IPTC-Scene-Code1 (ref2021.1), IPTC-Scene-Code2 (ref2021.1) Source (ref2021.1) An Instruction (ref2021.1) Province/State(Core)(ref2021.1) Sublocation (Core) (ref2021.1) Keyword1ref2021.1, Keyword2ref2021.1, Keyword3ref2021.1 IPTC:1ref2021.1, IPTC:2ref2021.1, IPTC:3ref2021.1 IPTC:1ref2021.1, IPTC:2ref2021.1, IPTC:3ref2021.1 2021:10:20 21:01:01+00:00 21:01:01+00:00 The Title (ref2021.1) Job Id (ref2021.1) Rights Usage Terms (ref2021.1) Description Writer (ref2021.1) Image::ExifTool 12.34 72 Centered YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2) 72
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