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brucemcpherson /
Created October 4, 2012 10:56
Proxy api query using google apps script to get scraperwiki data
// this will return data from a public scraperwiki table as json
// you call like this - ?shortname=xyz&limit=x&fielda=x&fieldy=y etc... where fielda refers to the name of a field in the scraperwiki table
// see for more info
function doGet(e) {
// lets decode the arguments
var content = "";
if (!e.parameter) {
content = {error: "parameters not found"} ;
else if (!e.parameter.shortname) {
brucemcpherson / cCell.cls
Last active December 14, 2022 20:12
cDataSet - VBA abstraction of Excel worksheet model
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' :do not modify this line - see for details: updated on 14/11/2013 18:02:03 : from manifest:3414394 gist
' a data Cell - holds value at time of loading, or can be kept fresh if there might be formula updates
Option Explicit
' Version 2.04 -
'for more about this
'to contact me
'reuse of code
brucemcpherson / restLibrary.xml
Last active September 28, 2022 23:26
Excel restlibrary manifest -- also needs the cdataset manifest. See Excel liberation.
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<gistThat info="this is a manifest for gistThat VBA code distribution - see for details">
<manifest description="restlibrary associated classes and modules" contact="">
<item3 gistid="3423912" version="" filename="cBrowser.cls" module="cBrowser" type="class"/>
<item1 gistid="3423885" version="" filename="restLibrary.vba" module="restLibrary" type="module"/>
<item18 gistid="b72f7a826d553fb46cfa" version="" filename="cDbab.cls" module="cDbab" type="class"/>
<item19 gistid="b72f7a826d553fb46cfa" version="" filename="cDbabResult.cls" module="cDbabResult" type="class"/>
<item2 gistid="3423885" version="" filename="cRest.cls" module="cRest" type="class"/>
brucemcpherson /
Created August 15, 2012 10:45
Google Apps Script equivalents for common VBA function
/** @description
* javaScript/Google Apps script functions that are equivalent to common VBA functions
* in general these provide the same functionality and have the same calling stack
* See for more details
* @author <a href="">Bruce McPherson</a><a href=""></a>
* Removes leading and trailing whitespace
* @param {string|number} v the item to be trimmed
brucemcpherson / usefulStuff.vba
Last active January 25, 2022 15:58
Useful procedures and functions - usefulStuff.vba
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' :do not modify this line - see for details: updated on 8/18/2014 3:54:19 PM : from manifest:7471153 gist
Option Explicit
' v2.23 3414346
' Acknowledgement for the microtimer procedures used here to
' thanks to Charles Wheeler -
' ---
#If VBA7 And Win64 Then
brucemcpherson / 0d8966d54a43723ccb464492879ef94961e1d35c
Last active October 18, 2021 15:54
filename:appsscript extension:.json
View 0d8966d54a43723ccb464492879ef94961e1d35c
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
brucemcpherson / cRest.cls
Last active July 29, 2021 21:59
Excel rest library
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' :do not modify this line - see for details: updated on 15/10/2013 10:52:06 : from manifest:5055578 gist
' This is a generalized class for dealing with rest queries
Option Explicit
' v2.13
'for more about this
'to contact me
'reuse of code
brucemcpherson / usefulColorStuff.vba
Last active July 6, 2021 00:13
useful color manipulation functions for VBA
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' :do not modify this line - see for details: updated on 28/02/2013 09:55:55 : from manifest:3414394 gist
' this is all about colors
Option Explicit
' v2.7 3414615
Public Type colorProps
' this is a single type to hold everything i know how to calculate about a color
rgb As Long
red As Long
green As Long
brucemcpherson / scriptDbCom.xml
Last active April 11, 2021 15:22
gistthat manifest for scriptdbcom - VBA scriptDB API
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<gistThat info="this is a manifest for gistThat VBA code distribution - see for details">
<manifest description="cDataset and associated classes and modules" contact="">
<item1 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cCell.cls" module="cCell" type="class" />
<item2 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cDataSet.cls" module="cDataSet" type="class" />
<item3 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cDataSets.cls" module="cDataSets" type="class" />
<item4 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cDataColumn.cls" module="cDataColumn" type="class" />
<item5 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cDataRow.cls" module="cDataRow" type="class" />
<item6 gistid="3414216" version="" filename="cHeadingRow.cls" module="cHeadingRow" type="class" />
<item7 gistid="3414346" version="" filename="" module="usefulStuff" type="module" />
View usefulHtmlConverters.vba
Option Explicit
'v1.1 - 5116003
Private Function testTableToHtml()
Dim content As String, fn As String, _
sheetName As String, maxrows As Long, styles As String, _
outputType As String
' an example of how to use these
' you could make a form or dialog to set these up
' name of worksheet containing the data
sheetName = "sankey"