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Not sure how to respond to exceptions thrown when streaming Ratpack responses via Publisher.
import static ratpack.groovy.Groovy.ratpack
import static ratpack.http.ResponseChunks.*
import org.reactivestreams.Subscription
import ratpack.error.ServerErrorHandler
import ratpack.handling.Context
import ratpack.render.RendererSupport
ratpack {
bindings {
bind ThingRenderer
bindInstance ServerErrorHandler, { context, error ->
context.response.status 500
context.render "server error = ${error}" } as ServerErrorHandler
handlers {
path('render-error') {
context.render(new Thing())
path('render-ok') {
context.render(new Thing(message: 'hello, how are you'))
path('streamed') {
TransformablePublisher<String> publisher = { subscriber ->
subscriber.onSubscribe(new Subscription() {
void request(long n) {
subscriber.onNext('how are you')
subscriber.onError(new RuntimeException('whoops'))
void cancel() {
context.render(stringChunks('text/plain', publisher.buffer()))
class Thing {
String message;
class ThingRenderer extends RendererSupport<Thing> {
void render(Context context, Thing thing) {
if (!thing.message) {
throw new RuntimeException('thing must have message')

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brucenunk commented Jan 8, 2016

http://localhost:5050/render-error notifies the ServerErrorHandler of the exception whereas http://localhost:5050/streamed does not.

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