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Learning Clojure


  • Adapater Http Request -> Ring Request Ring Resposne -> Http Response
  • Handler Ring Request -> Http Response Basically clojure function
(defn handler [req]
  {:status: 200
   :body "Hello, world!"
   :headers {}})
  • Middleware Handler + Options -> Handler
(defn mw [hdlr & options]
  (fn [req]
    (hdlr (modify req)))
(defn mw [hdlr & options]
  (fn [req]
    (modify (hdlr req)))
(defn mw [hdlr & options]
  (fn [req]
    (hdlr req))

Ring CheatSheet


  • Routing Path + Http Method route to specific Handler
(defroute rotues
  (Get "/" [] home-handler)
  (not-found "Page not found."))
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