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Elixir Phoenix Note

Elixir = Ruby + Erlang + Clojure

Ruby: Developer Happiness Erlang: OTP Powerful Clojure: One of the best designed language. Elixir: Programmer focused, functional but pragmatic, standard toolset

Elixir Design priniciples

  1. Phoenix is not our application. Phoenix 1.3 is just web interface.
  2. Embrace state outside of the database. process holding state. OK to have stateful server
  3. If it's concurrent, extract it into an OTP application.
  4. (Don't just) Let it crush

Zen of Erkabg

core feature repeatable transient

Ease of finding bugs in production Repeatable Transient
core feature EASY HARD
secondary feature EASY, OFTEN, OVERLOOKED HARD
Bugs that happend in production Repeatable Transient
core feature Should Never All th time
secondary feature Pretty Often All the time
Bugs handled by restarts Repeatable Transient
core feature No Yes
secondary feature Depends Yes
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