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Last active Aug 8, 2017
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Meta Box IDs
'commentstatusdiv' - Comments status metabox (discussion).
'commentsdiv' - Comments metabox.
'slugdiv' - Slug metabox.
'revisionsdiv' - Revisions metabox.
'authordiv' - Author metabox.
'postcustom' - Custom fields metabox.
'postexcerpt' - Excerpt metabox.
'trackbacksdiv' - Trackbacks metabox.
'postimagediv' - Featured image metabox.
'formatdiv' - Formats metabox.
'tagsdiv-post_tag' - Tags metabox.
'categorydiv' - Categories metabox.
'pageparentdiv' - Attributes metabox.
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