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(def weak-minor-5
[:length-range 9]
[:gcp-range 0 14]])
(def weak-major-4
[:length-range 8]
[:gcp-range 0 14]])
(def weak-minor-4
[:length 8]
[:gcp-range 0 12]])
(def weak-3
[:length 7]
[:gcp-range 8 12]])
(def weak-2
[:length 6]
[:gcp-range 8 12]])
(def suit-1
[:gcp-range 13 20])
(def suit-1-openings
[:length-range 5] :highest-suit-bid
:distribution-4441 :lowest-best-minor
:majors-44 [:suit hearts]
:else :best-longest-suit])
(def suit-openings
weak-minor-5 [:level 5]
weak-major-4 [:level 4]
weak-minor-4 [:level 4]
weak-3 [:level 3]
weak-2 [:level 2]
suit-1 [:and [:level 1] suit-1-openings]]])
(def nt-2
[:gcp-range 21 22]
(def nt-1
[:gcp-range 21])
(def nt-openings
nt-2 [:level 2]
nt-1 [:level 1]])
(def openings
:suit-bid suit-openings
:nt-bid nt-openings]])
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