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Created August 16, 2019 17:56
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fn redis_insert_account(
specified_id: Option<u64>,
account: AccountDetails,
) -> Box<dyn Future<Item = Account, Error = ()> + Send> {
let connection = self.connection.clone();
let routing_table = self.routes.clone();
let encryption_key = self.encryption_key.clone();
// Instead of storing the incoming secrets, we store the HMAC digest of them
// (This is better than encrypting because the output is deterministic so we can look
// up the account by the HMAC of the auth details submitted by the account holder over the wire)
let btp_incoming_token_hmac = account
.map(|token| hmac::sign(&self.hmac_key, token.as_bytes()));
let btp_incoming_token_hmac_clone = btp_incoming_token_hmac;
let http_incoming_token_hmac = account
.map(|token| hmac::sign(&self.hmac_key, token.as_bytes()));
let http_incoming_token_hmac_clone = http_incoming_token_hmac;
match specified_id {
Some(id) => Either::A(Ok((connection.as_ref().clone(), Account::try_from(id, account).unwrap()))),
None => Either::B(self.get_next_account_id()
.and_then(|id| {
debug!("Next account id is: {}", id);
Account::try_from(id, account)
.and_then(move |account| {
// Check that there isn't already an account with values that must be unique
let mut keys: Vec<String> = vec!["ID".to_string()];
let mut pipe = redis::pipe();
if let Some(auth) = btp_incoming_token_hmac {
keys.push("BTP auth".to_string());
pipe.hexists("btp_auth", auth.as_ref());
if let Some(auth) = http_incoming_token_hmac {
keys.push("HTTP auth".to_string());
pipe.hexists("http_auth", auth.as_ref());
.map_err(|err| {
"Error checking whether account details already exist: {:?}",
move |(connection, results): (SharedConnection, Vec<bool>)| {
if let Some(index) = results.iter().position(|val| *val) {
warn!("An account already exists with the same {}. Cannot insert account: {:?}", keys[index], account);
} else {
Ok((connection, account))
.and_then( /* the rest */ ),
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