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=-=- merlin.2.3.1 installed successfully =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 🐫
=> merlin installed.
Quick setup for VIM
Append this to your .vimrc to add merlin to vim's runtime-path:
let g:opamshare = substitute(system('opam config var share'),'\n$','','''')
execute "set rtp+=" . g:opamshare . "/merlin/vim"
Also run the following line in vim to index the documentation:
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# Build a complete build server from one declarative config file.
# 2016/5/1
# install all the software
# run the services
# configure the proper system user?
# configure access to users
# configure access levels?
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REGISTER /home/pradeep/jars/piggybank-0.12.0.jar;
%DECLARE infile '/home/pradeep/data/infochimps_dataset_4778_download_16677/NYSE/NYSE_daily_prices_A.csv';
%DECLARE outfile '/home/pradeep/data/infochimps_dataset_4778_download_16677/NYSE/tmp.csv';
RMF $outfile;
data = LOAD '$infile'
AS(exchange:chararray,stock_symbol:chararray, date:chararray, stock_price_open:float,stock_price_high:float,stock_price_low:float, stock_price_close:float, stock_volume:float,stock_price_adj_close:float);

URL (input):

Zotero exports BibTeX entry:

    title = {mjg59 {\textbar} {I} bought some awful light bulbs so you don't have to},
    url = {},
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Studying for a Tech Interview Sucks, so Here's a Cheat Sheet to Help

This list is meant to be a both a quick guide and reference for further research into these topics. It's basically a summary of that comp sci course you never took or forgot about, so there's no way it can cover everything in depth. It also will be available as a gist on Github for everyone to edit and add to.

Data Structure Basics



  • Stores data elements based on an sequential, most commonly 0 based, index.
  • Based on tuples from set theory.

Leveling up with NixOS

I think NixOS/Nix have what I call as the "Scala/Haskell/$AlienLookingTechnology problem" (and it does not help that there is a large overlap between the these communities); that is, there are things about the technology that I really like and would like to start using immediately, but then come across a blog post, a piece of code that is so over my head that I back off and go do something else. I had this problem with Scala till I read Martin Odersky's "Scala levels: beginner to expert, application programmer to library designer"


Generated private key

openssl genrsa -out server.key 2048

To generate a certificate

openssl req -new -x509 -key server.key -out server.pem -days 3650


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(* Source: *)
(* ocaml's object system is quite unique and rarely used, despite it actually being pretty awesome
* I call it "statically typed duck typing" because that's what it is
(* let's define a """class"""
* your basic example of a linked-list
let node (x, y) = object