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(* Source: *)
(* ocaml's object system is quite unique and rarely used, despite it actually being pretty awesome
* I call it "statically typed duck typing" because that's what it is
(* let's define a """class"""
* your basic example of a linked-list
let node (x, y) = object
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package main
import (
**Markdeep Feature Demo**
Morgan McGuire
This document shows the features of
[Markdeep]( Markdeep is a text
formatting syntax that extends Markdown, and a Javascript program for
making it work in browsers. The two most powerful features are its
ability to run in any **web browser** on the client side and the
inclusion of **diagrams**.


You could have postgre installed on localhost with password (or without user or password seted after instalation) but if we are developing we really don't need password, so configuring postgre server without password for all your rails project is usefull.

Install Postgre packages

  • postgresql
  • postgresql-client
  • libpq-dev
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\mode<all>{\usetheme{Warsaw} \useoutertheme{splitRSI}}
% title information
\title{Making Slides}
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# with help and inspiration from
# * ASN1_generate_nconf(3) (specifically the SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure)
# *
# *
import sys
import base64
import struct
View phoenix showdown rackspace onmetal

Comparative Benchmark Numbers @ Rackspace

I've taken the benchmarks from Matthew Rothenberg's phoenix-showdown, updated Phoenix to 0.13.1 and ran the tests on the most powerful machines available at Rackspace.


Framework Throughput (req/s) Latency (ms) Consistency (σ ms)
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Write a program that does what it’s supposed to do
Write idiomatic code
Debug a program that you wrote
Debug a program someone else wrote
Debug the interaction between a system you wrote and one you didn’t
File a good bug report
Modify a program you didn’t write
Test a program you wrote
Test a program you didn’t write
Learn a new programming language
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