Onte - OCaml that acts like a Gopher

Onte is a tool for manaing OCaml source code


    onte command [arguments]

Editor support

Embrace newer editors like Sublime Text over traditional favourites like vim and Emacs

Gosublime works very well with sublime, which is a very good programmer's text editors by all accounts. OCaml has The problems with 'better-ocaml' are:

  • it does not recognize opam

OCaml's build system is complicated

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from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
from sys import exit
wanted = "#main"
unwanted = "#comments .post-footer .blog-pager .post-feeds .clear"
def main():
count = 0
with open('links4.txt') as lfile:

Business Models


Models Examples
Display ads Yahoo!
Search ads Google
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#!/usr/bin/env python
ODT2PANDOC is a slight variant of ODT2TXT. Right now, the only differences are that it generates ATX style headers and uses *asterisks* for italics, neither of which is in any way specific to pandoc's extended markdown.

A home server manifesto

Overall objectives

  • work seamlessly with all Mac products
  • Secure
  • Simple to administer
  • Open Protocols



OCaml as a replacement for Go

What is go good at and how ocaml measures up in terms of being better alternative for Go.

Go was written to do one thing really well - write network applications. Can OCaml Compete here?

Speed of the executable

View gist:8b53713539f7c4869d45

How to install cGit on Nginx (Ubuntu server)

Step-by-step installtion of cGit on nginx without funky rewrite rules.


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