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lku ㇰ
xku ㇰ
xshi ㇱ
lshi ㇱ
xsi ㇱ
lsi ㇱ
xsu ㇲ
lsu ㇲ
xto ㇳ
lto ㇳ
xnu ㇴ
lnu ㇴ
xha ㇵ
lha ㇵ
xhi ㇶ
lhi ㇶ
xhu ㇷ
lhu ㇷ
xfu ㇷ
lfu ㇷ
xhe ㇸ
lhe ㇸ
xho ㇹ
lho ㇹ
xpu ㇷ゚
lpu ㇷ゚
xmu ㇺ
lmu ㇺ
xra ㇻ
lra ㇻ
xri ㇼ
lri ㇼ
xru ㇽ
lru ㇽ
xre ㇾ
lre ㇾ
xro ㇿ
lro ㇿ
xka ゕ
lka ゕ
xke ゖ
lke ゖ
xka ヵ
lka ヵ
xke ヶ
lke ヶ
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