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Resources for Audit Performance


Tools (online) for Audit Performance


  • webhint is a customizable linting tool that helps you improve your site's accessibility, speed, cross-browser compatibility, and more

Chrome Dev Tools

Network Monitor

  • Status – Easy to figure out if any resource is not available
  • Protocol – Checks HTTP1.1, HTTP2, Quic etc
  • Type – File type returned, easy to figure out WebP is working
  • Size – Amount of data transferred, with and without Gzip. ‘Disk Cache’ or ‘Memory Cache’ indicates browser caching is working
  • Priority – Priority of each file which browser requests. CSS, JS, Fonts have high priority, images – Low, SendBeacon (Google Analytics), prefetch (Quicklink) have the lowest
  • Waterfall – A waterfall of the data requested and received. Also, provide in-depth data of DNS lookup, TCP connection, SSL, TTFB, etc. Easy to debug lazy loading too



Google PageSpeed Insights

GTmetrix Analyzer

GTmetrix Monitor

Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom Monitoring


  • makes it easy to send 10k requests/second to your site and see how it performs

Only WordPress

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