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NS3 version 3.26 with dce linux 1.9 installation script sample (to be used with relevant patches, see
[[ -e bakefile.xml ]] && rm bakefile.xml
[[ -e ./build ]] && rm -Rf ./build configure -e dce-linux-1.9 -e netanim-3.107 -e nsc-0.5.3 -e pyviz-prerequisites \
-e click-ns-3.25 -e openflow-ns-3.25 -e gccxml-ns3 -e gawk -e wget \
-e iproute-2.6.38 -e iperf -e pybindgen-0.17.0.post57+nga6376f2 \
-e BRITE -e libaspect -e openflow-dev download -vvv clean
[[ -e ./source/castxml/objdir ]] && rm -Rf ./source/castxml/objdir
[[ -e ./source/gccxml/objdir ]] && rm -Rf ./source/gccxml/objdir
[[ -e ./source/openflow-dev ]] && cd ./source/openflow-dev && (./waf clean || true) && ./waf distclean && cd -
[[ -e ./source/pybindgen ]] && rm -Rf ./source/pybindgen deploy -o gccxml-ns3 deploy -o python-dev deploy -o setuptools deploy -o elf-loader deploy -o libaspect deploy -o openflow-dev deploy -o pybindgen-0.17.0.post57+nga6376f2 build -vvv 2>&1 | tee build-results.txt
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