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Bunlong Heng bunlongheng

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<inputConfig type="joystick" deviceName="GPIO Controller 1" deviceGUID="15000000010000000100000000010000">
<input name="a" type="button" id="1" value="1" />
<input name="b" type="button" id="0" value="1" />
<input name="hotkey" type="button" id="6" value="1" />
<input name="pagedown" type="button" id="5" value="1" />
<input name="pageup" type="button" id="4" value="1" />
<input name="select" type="button" id="6" value="1" />
<input name="start" type="button" id="7" value="1" />